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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 22, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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lehigh valley and berks county. on storm is scan three light rain, not causing a whole lot of problems, from lancaster, should last maybe couple more hours, otherwise, just overcast skies around this morning, keeping the temperatures pretty much uniform, not much change from philadelphia on south and east. we're on the lower and maybe mid 60, 57 cooler to the north and quakertown and do you also do you also, 58 in pottstown this morning, we still have that wind out of the north and northeast. that's going to remain in play, really for the next several days, so that keeps humidity levels very low, and temperatures a little bit above average today. we are waking up cloudy skies, maybe sunshine this afternoon, overall cool and breezy day. tomorrow the sunshine rareness, it will be a nice start to the fall season and forecast tonight, mid 70's around philadelphia, low 70's breezy at the shore 60's. with a little rain this morning in the poconos, we'll talk about a warmup in the seven-day in a few minutes. let's go back to meisha with a
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check on the traffic. >> good morning, justin, rain go away. just move right along. here's a look at 95 southbound at cottman. looking good. other levels are starting to bid now. i'm seeing a lot of this this morning, every camera i pull up slowly every ten minutes starting to flow. so give yourself a couple extra minutes, especially on 95. this is typically where we see the most congestion. one of the areas where we see most congestion start earlier. the boulevard this is an area i'm keeping my eye on right now, looking really nice, everyone traveling around as you can see at posted speeds in this area, the blue route near ridge pike looking good. if you're traveling southbound or northbound looking good on the pub basically overall still traveling at posted speeds. i'll let you know as soon as knows drop. looking good. also, for those taking a trolley, part of route 13 trolley is shuttle bussing due to the fire department activity near church lane between mount m oriahand cray don't, make note
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of that. for those traveling mass transit overall things looking pretty good. over to you. meisha was talking about this. firefighters battle flames in a roof collapse in a business in delaware county. this happened on the 1100 block of chester avenue at the wellness zone. we're told there were no injuries in that fire, but like meisha said, a septa trolley line was acffected by the response. the world meeting of families gets under way today. the whole reason pope francis is coming to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" justin finch joins us outside the basilica of st. peter and paul where the pope will celebrate mass when he comes to town. justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everything is now coming together. the world meeting of families kicking off in just a few hours. this year's theme love is our mission. the family fully alive's on the parkway, workers continues to put the finishing touches on that papal stage and right here at the basilica dome, you'll soon see art inspired by the pope. above the cathedral basilica of
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st. peter and paul, a modern take on a classic work of art, mary undoer of knots, an 18th century paintth said to be a favorite of pope francis. on dome a video mix of that work burning candles and praying hands. >> basically some fantasy, basically a prayer of the city. >> reporter: the vision of artist a meg saligman who witnessed the debut monday night on theed ground more of her work was being called marry the undoer of knots grotto. she worked with the mercy and justice team which services the community's at risk communities. thousands of white ribbons. >> you're invited to spring a struggling of your own and to untie at the knot of someone else. >> reporter: so far a warm response and are you familiar reviews. >> we've been down here since 3:00 this afternoon. there's been a steady stream of visitors and pilgrims that have come up to us and asked questions about the gorgeous
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grotto. >> reporter: as the world meeting of families to kicks off more preps for the pope at 23rd and pennsylvania. workers there installing tall and heavy perimeter fencing just north of eakin's oval and what will be the papal stage. and you will be able to see the art on the basilica dome all week from dusk till about midnight for the world meeting of families, some 17,000 people are expected upwards of a million by the papal weekend, and public schools are closed tomorrow for yom kippur thursday and friday for the pope and monday we have learned school also cancelled and the city will run only certainly services. live here on the parkway, justin finch, cbs "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. you want to make sure you read those parking signs. more cars being towed ahead of the papal visit, "eyewitness news" along famer avenue overnight where tow trucks were busy at work it's starting tonight at 6:00, cars will be towed from 12th street east to
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old city. residents can purchase a parking placard that will allow them to park in a garage. also gives residents until thursday to move cars. meanwhile, papal parking in camden is off to a bit of a slow start. the city made 8500 spaces available. you do have to pay in advance, and officials say, only 200 spaces have been reserved so far. now, from the waterfront you can take a ferry train, or walk over the ben franklin bridge to get to the papal event as you know, pope francis is flying to america today, supposed to land at andrew's air force base where the president and mrs. obama will greet him. he plans to make one more stop in cuba before heading to the us. pope francis returns to the shrine in cuba this morning, where he'll deliver his final hopplely during this trip. monday francis blessed the city during his visit to cuba, pope stayed away from making political statements, vatican
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spokesman said his choice to travel to the us from here is more about reconciliation. >> the decision to make a trip to both countries truly is a very strong message to encourage this process that has subsequent steps, he said. the pope will arrive in dc this afternoon, where final preparations are under way. kevin dawson won a ticket to greet him. >> great to get to do they don't, say i shook the man's hand, very holy person, good person. >> in a rare move, president and mrs. obama will be at joint base andrews when pope francis lands to personal plea welcome him. >> inspired both catholics and noncatholics alike and i think that has resinateed not just catholics, but people faith around the world. >> aside from meeting with president obama, the pope will also address a joint session of
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congress and more than 100 world leaders gathered for the u n general assembly in new york. in washington, weijia jiang cbs news. stay for continuing coverage of the pope of historic visit. you can hop online to right now it's 6:07. no charnleys will be filed against a septa paratransit bus driver who hit and killed a toddler in south philly philadelphia. he ran into the street near the intersection at 21st and morris happened after 5:00 last night. the young boy's family says he was visiting his cousin's house with his father at the time. we spoke with one of the child's family members. >> not even 40 seconds. it was very quick. no one -- no one know, he was running in the street. if we would know, you know, we would have talked to them. >> the toddler was pronounced
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dead at the hospital. . some scary moments at a gas station in south jersey when a car catches fire, check out that video right there. smoke and flames spread at the luke oil on route 73 in mt. laurel. started when the driver of a smoking car pulled up to the station, igniting gas pump. two good samaritans jumped into action helping the owner prevent the flames from spreading further. fortunately, no one was injured. american airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing at philadelphia international airport later night. flight 1889 and air bus 8320 was on route from charlotte to hartford when when a bird hit the plane's windshield cracking it. the plane landed safely in philadelphia. everyone on board is ok. still ahead this morning, a raging wildfire in california will likely go down as one of the most destructive fires in decades of this morning, firefighters are facing on a new challenge, we'll tell you what it is. a mother jumps from a moving car and crashes into a school
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bus and her son was still in the back seat. find out what caused her to panic. the teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school gets a vip treatment in silicon valley. details about his visit coming up. . waking up in september, last full day of summer, fall starts tomorrow t hard to believe. justin has your forecast, keeping an eye on your weekend forecast in case you're in town for the world meeting of families or to see pope francis. details on his forecast meisha got an eye on the roads when we come right back on this fine september morning.
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california fire officials say the valley fire will likely go down as one. motion destructive wild fires in a decade. so far, more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed, and three people have died in the fire. now, fire fight remembers facing a urban threat.
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even though some homes are miles away from those flames, the winds could carry the burning embers into their neighborhoods. and, while many families have lost their homes in the valley fire, one family returned to find their home was still standing. jim robinson and his son built this house out of concrete and survived. 6:13, right now, another cool start. warming up on this last day of fall, justin. >> we'll warm up, first full day of fall, back above average, wacking up little milder than yesterday, some 50's, mid 60s at this hour. live look at center city, little tough to see. we have overcast skies, you can see the glow of the lights reflecting off those clouds. as we look from palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, other side of the river. seat overcast skies from storm scan3 on south and east, maybe few breaks, coming across the chesapeake bay, light rain
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activity continues, but it is diminishing, good news, berks county, lehigh valley, improving conditions as far as the rain goes. winds direction still the flow out of the northeast, cooler, somewhat dryer with low humidity, pretty cool up in new england, high pressure locking in the chilly air mass, temperatures in the 50's in albany, scranton, and state college this hour, cloud cover around early today, may send clouds out, certainly time, go mostly clear, high pressure still over new england tomorrow, bridges back sunshine in full. keep an eye on this storm system, hangs out across the mid-atlantic next several days, may throw back clouds in here thursday. still we have to keep an eye on it, potential for shower active tip upcoming saturday into sunday. today though clouds breaking for sunshine, 74 degrees, tonight comfortably cool, maybe four's in the suburbs, there is the papal visit forecast, saturday, breezy day, sunshine, 74, sunday the day woof to watch from the storm that could be some showers around, 72 degrees for
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the high. tomorrow bringing back the sun, 08 degrees, we keep it dry for the work week, temps in the 70s, of course the forecast this weekend, watch out for the potential for little rain. >> last day of summer, not the last day of full. >> oh, well, feeling nice out, there roads looking nice too? >> roads are looking really good. for tuesday, we usually heat up little bit early, we certainly have already. >> all the overnight construction project swiftly out of our way. one accident to tell but in one second. first, before we do that, why don't we just hop in the car, i'll take little drive with you. i might as well bear the brunt of what you are seeing on 95. ninety-five as we approach cottman, you can see some of the tail light going off. and because of that, look at this, 59 southbound at cottman coming around the s curve, the one area i keep my eye on. i know that it will heat up quickly it, certainly is on this tuesday, we typically see this monday through wednesday, at least sometimes on thursday, as well. 422 eastbound at the
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pennsylvania turnpike, see levels are building here, as well, plenty of taillights, headlight out there. and this early tuesday morning, but as we push through the 6:00 as we push toward the rush hour we love course see all of these speeds slow down. this is where we had the accident, route 422 eastbound, off ramp to hand over street. so for those of you in and around this area make note of that, erika, over to you. >> thank you, almost unbelievable story now. young boy is recovering from injuries after his mother jumps from their moving car. check out the wreckage right here. the indianna woman says she was scared by a spider so she bailed out of the vehicle. her nine year old son climbed into the driver seat and tried to hit the brake but instead hit the gas. their car then hit that school bus. fortunately no student behind that bus. my goodness, what a mess. coming up this morning, kentucky clerk who refuses to give marriage license toss same sex couples speaks out. >> i've been called hitler. i've been called hypocrite. i'm been called a homophobe t
6:17 am
does not define who i am. >> this is her first interview since being released from jail. and kim davis says, she doesn't care if people call her names but there is one thing that really bothers her. that is coming up next. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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♪ ♪
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yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. >> the kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage license toss same sex cup
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sells now speaking out. that will interview set to air today, davis says the names she has been called don't hurt her. andrew spencer has more. >> reporter: tearful kim davis spoke to abc news in a exclusive interview. >> what people say about me does not de fu who i am. >> a judge jailed the clerk earlier this month for violating court order and refusing to issue marriage license toss same sex couples. davis said issuing the licenses would violate her conscious and go against her religion. when she was released five days later she was surrounded by supporters including republican president can't date, mike huckabee, some held her up for chris that is rights, others have not been so-called. >> i've been called hitler, homophobe, hipocrit, i've been called things and names that i didn't even say when i was in the world. >> davis said she's just a normal person. >> what probably hurt me the
6:21 am
worse when someone tells me that my god does not love me. >> one deputy clerk just the one now issues marriage licenses to same sex couples, but the court battle isn't over. that clerk says he's worried the licenses he's issuing might be invalid due to changes davis made since she was released from jail. an attorney for davis insists the changes do not violate the judges orders. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> 6:21 right now. coming up: talk about sticker shock. we'll tell you why the price after certain drug that fight aids and cancer, it just spike more than 5000%. >> also, he made international headlines after getting arrested for brink ago homemade clock to school. but now that texas teen is getting the vip treatment. that's coming up. >> also, things are warming up for this last full day of summer. justin? >> that's right. tracking little rain, as well,
6:22 am
north of the city, but fall officially arrives tomorrow. temperatures go above average. details coming up in a
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] alarm being drug increase, many protesting suds end
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increase of the drug that fights complications of aids and cancer. tour pharmaceutical raised the price listen to this, it used to be 13.15 a pill. now it is $750 a pill. this after buying the right to the drug. that is 5500% increase. >> heart attack patient, about 90% of patient take beta block tears prevent future attacks. they may be taking higher dose than needed. a study at northwestern university found patient survived as long or longer on just quarter of the usual dose. >> the family after texas teenager arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school is looking to enroll elsewhere. meanwhile, the 14 year old, he was a surprise guess at the google science fair. he was mink link with finalists and local student from all around the world. he also toured project on display, and attended the awards ceremony. a week ago you may recall the freshman was in handicuffs
6:26 am
after he brought a homemade alarm clock to school to show a teacher. >> profiled as a terrorist. i was just an innocent person, normal kid, state a student. >> i think makes us glad he is having a good time and he can be with kids that are interested in the same things that he is. >> after his story went viral, google invited him to the special science fair, and keeping up with the star treatment next month, we're told, elvis it the white house. way to go. >> right now 6:26. coming up in the next half hour of eyewitness now, the pope arrives in the u.s. today. his first stop is washington, d.c. see how his arrival is prompting a historic security effort for a man who likes to get very close to crowds. >> plus, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz gets booed on the late show with stephen colbert. hear why coming up. >> meisha? >> well the roads are certainly heating up on this tuesday morning. you can see this is the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. we also have an accident in pottstown. i'll have all of the updates
6:27 am
coming up. first we'll take a quick break. stay right where you are.
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>> goods morning, oh, it was bound to happen at some point, today is the last full day of summer, time to put away those flip flops. but on the upside, justin, we are warming up today. little cool start. we've seen that every morning now. nice sunny day, right? >> we'll see some sun later this afternoon, still some clouds, but tomorrow, full sunshine for the first full day of fall, that's actually going to feel like summer still. >> fantastic. >> maybe couple more days for the shorts. >> you walk around shorts in january. >> oh, ya, i am one of those guys. >> making it look good. >> rain spots north of the city. here in center city dry. live look, looking south from the roof camera, just some
6:31 am
overcast skies right now, again, those clouds should break up little bit this afternoon, see few peaks. storm scan3 shows the light rain coming to an end. up to the north and west, across berks county, lehigh valley, still few ours of some light rain for another our two. but things will be progressively getting better through the mid to late morning hours. sixty-three at the airport in philadelphia, 57 in allentown, so warmer than we were the past few mornings, up ear's quakertown, doylestown, 62 palmyra, new jersey, wind direction still coming in out of the northeast, so that means, a cooler wind flow, and with some clouds, still overall cool and breezy day. clear skies tonight, though, then we see the nice start to the fall season. here is your school day forecast. again, the bus stop should be dry for most locations, 8:00 temperatures in the mid 60s, coming home from school, topping off lower 70s, overall, we give it b due to the cloud cover, should see sun in the afternoon. high temperature 74 degrees in philadelphia with the clouds braking at the shore. breezy day at 72. looks like we keep it in the six 60s, in the poconos.
6:32 am
we'll check out what to expect over the next seven days coming up in a few minute, first we hit the roads with meisha a how is it looking out there? >> looks really good this morning. slowly starting to -- (no audio). >> here is a look at 95 moving northbound 452 delaware county. just starting to slow down, less than posted speeds ever so slightly in this area. but, really, if you look at the top right corner, top left corner rather, you can see that the sun is just start too long kind of peak through, you can get little bit of the haze out, there but overall, traveling speeds are looking good. just dropping just ever so slightly. ben franklin bridge, from jersey in center city, looking good. far right lane now open. it was under construction for quite some time. that's now moved to the east side. you can see those flashing lights, not going to cause any slow downs for those of you
6:33 am
moving into center city. suing westbound, let me back out, taillights starting to go out here. schuylkill westbound is very slow. roosevelt boulevard southbound, that meets up with the schuylkill right there, also very slow. this is where we have an accident in pottstown. 422 eastbound, the off ramp to hand over street now blocked due to the accident. for those of you in that area make a note of that. over to you. >> now the latest as pope francis gets reds toy head to philadelphia this weekend. world meeting of families conference begins this afternoon with a ribbon cutting. meanwhile the pope will depart cuba for washington, d.c., and philadelphia's schools, this is announced, will be closed monday as the city begins that huge clean up job. the holy father lands at andrews air force base outside washington, this afternoon. he spends tomorrow and thursday in the nation's capitol. then later on thursday and into friday he's in new york city, then the pontiff is scheduled to arrive here in philadelphia saturday morning, at 9:30, it is almost here. >> now, when the pontiff's
6:34 am
plane lands, security will be tight. officials say there is no credible threat against the pope, but they're not taking any chances. how much, as brook report, they remain concerned about so-called lone wolf attacks. >> reporter: whether francis lands for his first visit to the united state the pope whose intimate contact with crowds has been sim bol for common people will create conflict, between his trademark interaction, and us style security. the coast guard will screen boats near philadelphia, police will man checkpoints at each stop, but after eight months of planning, what happens if francis stops to except a pizza as did he in naples, or a cake with lit candles, like did he at the vatican? >> this pope likes to get out and mingle. the vatican folks i think wanted us to see that, and see how they were, and to make sure we would be able to accommodate that within reason. you know, i believe we can. >> the challenge will be
6:35 am
specially great here at the united nations, because the pope will be joined by 170 heads of state. it is the largest protection operation new york city has ever seen. >> the secret service will be aided by thousands of new york cops, riding subways, manning rooftop sniper patrols, and directing traffic. >> i think we can handle a day of inconvenience to have the leader of a global religion with us preaching our message of inclusion and understanding. >> he may also provide one more lesson, as one of the popes' guards said in this detail, we have to put on our mike east. in new york, cbs news. >> the former archbishop of philadelphia cardinal justin rigali will join other bishops here for the pope's visit. in 2011 cardinal rig al a retired to the dioces of knoxville, tennessee, a mid controversy over grand jury report protecting priests of
6:36 am
sexual abuse. >> pope francis' visit to philadelphia could mean a delay in delivery of the new iphone 6s. did you pre order one of these? smart phones are supposed to be delivered friday for pre orders. but, ups says it won't make deliveries in ten zip codes within the so-called traffic box between thursday and saturday. the website for the apple store near 16th and walnut, though, they report they'll have special hours for you on friday from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. well, with so much attention focused on the fed last week, there was little talk about a government report that really hits closer to home for a loft us. joining us now, cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger. hearing this report, it was on income, which affect all of us, what did it show? >> reporter: the average men household brought in little over $53,500 in 2014. now that's basically the same amount that we have earned over the past few years. unfortunately, when we adjust for inflation, incomes are six
6:37 am
and a half% lower than in 2007 that was the eve of the recession. and the average household makes, get this, 7% less than we did 15 years ago in 2,000. that was prior to the previous recession. >> bit of depressing trend there, jill watch do you think is behind it? >> well, you no, ma'am, there is a bunch of things. globalization certainly allowed companies to move a loft their operations overseas. where wages were cheaper than in the u.s. then we have technological advancement, which really eliminated the need for as many workers, and in some cases, really eliminated some jobs altogether. and lastly, most public companies have been more concerned with boosting their share prices than in paying their workers. now, you might want to keep those factors in mind when you hear candidates promising that they're going to help the middle class, because many of the root causes of sagging incomes could be beyond a politician's reach.
6:38 am
>> good reminder for us, jill schlessinger in new york, thanks so much. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, republican presidential hopeful ted cruz gets booed on the stage with late show of stephen colbert. hear why and how colbert handled the crowd. his reaction coming up. jan? >> reporter: and avenue feeling that pope francis is going to be very happy when he hears this, as he steps off the plane in philadelphia. this local high school is preparing to welcome him to the city. hit it, katie. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> back on "eyewitness news", check out these new looks at pluto. the photos of the dwarf planet were taken by nasa new horizon probe during the july 14th fly by. incredible images there, snapped in a altitude of about 11,000 miles. just after the probe passed behind pluto. the photos reveal a stunning bat lit crescent, you can sea ice i mountains right, there see the crescent shape, so neat. we're told it will nasa more than a year to collect all of those photos. incredible look, though. women, there are more sign of progress, good news, down at the shore in the aftermath of hurricane super storm sandy. nearly three years after sandy
6:43 am
hit sea isle city has a new city hall. local officials gathered to celebrate the builds, opening, home to the city's police department, the emergency management team, and also, other opposite. justin, it is hard to believe thinking back three years, remember halloween got moved, everything, because of super storm sand. >> i right. >> throw years. >> that storm brought some snow after it, as welshing yes, for early october. unbelievable. still rebuilding in. that will good news this year, our hurricane season pretty quiet. typical with el nino conditions out in the pacific. weather watchers, good morning, thanks for sending in your numbers, waking up little milder upper 50's to low 60s. right now we take it north and west of the city. up in eagleville where lou checks in 58 degrees, has partly cloudy skies, this morning, we head south into delaware, newark, delaware, at the lower, checking in with 60 degrees this morning, sends in a commit. it is still dark with dark blue velvet clouds, i'm ready for fall back. all right, yes, entering that fall season, coming in, in
6:44 am
about 24 hours or so. let guess into new jersey, see what's happening there, at margo's house, 06 degrees at this hour un partly cloudy sky as well. so tracking little bit of rain this morning in some locations, specially north and west of the city. and there you go, storm scan3, you can see the light rain activity, bushes county, lehigh valley starting to come to ends, heavy showers pushing up across the northern mountains of pennsylvania so improving conditions. elsewhere around philadelphia just some clouds. heading into the fall season starting to think about the leaves turning colors. tip he cannily we don't see our average peak of that leave change until mid october for the lehigh valley poconos. it is late october for around philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. so got a ways to go yet. not seeing much color change at all, even up in new england just yet. winds direction out of the north-northeast, 10 miles per hour sustained, will get gustier this afternoon. that's the friend. same deal tomorrow. the northeasterly winds flow, that continues into thursday. the difference in our forecast; we will bring back
6:45 am
some sunshine, not whole lot of sun today, we start to clear out tomorrow t helps us warm us up. watch the low pressure system. closing into the weaken, could be dealing with some rains. forecast who had, tie, clouds, high temperature around 74 degrees. we head over to meisha for a check on the road conditions. what's happening? >> good morning, justin. certainly slowing down now. we are going traveling less than posted speeds and a lot of the main veins, interstates, highways, 59 southbound at cottman, 95 southbound at cottman, coming around the s curve judges as you come around the bend there, trying to make your way into center city, where you are really starting to tap your brakes. i saw one censor pulling up at about 10 miles per hour around the area. nine at near the betsy ross, just moment ago we have disable vehicle pulled all the way off on the side here. moment ago when we had the wide shot and the camera far back to where you could see how close it is, in this area, and there you are starting to see it little bit there. penndot kind of moving around, showing you. take look at this, bus any
6:46 am
that stretch. also the vine moving to and from the schuylkill, starting to slow down quite considerably there, as well. i showed the camera little bit go, the schuylkill westbound at city avenue, that's another area where you are slowing down. also, the pope's coming to the ben franklin parkway is closed between logan square, 19th and race, and eakin's oval until tuesday september 29thment so plan cord inningly. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank. just days away from pope francis arrival here if philadelphia. a number of local talent will perform for the pontiff including the bishop shanahan marching band. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in downing at any where the band is fine tuning their performance this morning. jan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, a lofter excitement in morning. these kids little sleep when they arrived, but they are full of excitement right now. who wouldn't be? they'll be performing for pope francis as he steps off the the plane in philadelphia, will be playing the first music he hears in our great
6:47 am
city, 84 members of this band we have two of the seen yacht years here joining thus morning, jest and jenny. thanks for warming up with us. what is it going to be like when you see him get off that plane and you are playing the rocky theme song. >> if anything we will just try and play as best as we k we'll be extremely excited. if anything try to keep calm and just play for him. it will be he can treating excitementing. >> will have the lazer feeting? i would be so distracted. >> snow, we've been trained to just focus directly on the music. anything else that happens around us, just something else. >> it is once in a lifetime though jenny watch test like for you as you see him come down the steps. >> i'm afraid i'll start crying. but again, we'll try to keep as focused as we consideration and soak in the moment, and -- >> go for it. >> yes. >> how much preparation have you guys put in for this? >> we started right as we found out specially memorizing the music, putting hours, just
6:48 am
here, and at home, trying to put it altogether. >> they have 14 songs, they have about a 30 minute window you guys to play for the pope as soon as he lands, gets on to the red carpet and then goes off into philadelphia. you what dow think his favorite tune will be? >> i think owed to joy. >> why? i hear he likes that compulse err little bit. >> he really does. found this song, real excited to play it, and it is very fun to play, so we're excited to play. >> little ' let you guys get settlement they'll play us a tune before we get set. nooning you so much. jenny and jeff, he opportunity were in it the principal here. what's it like to know your kids will be performing in such a small crowd, i mean, only couple of people are going to be there. >> it is very humbling, jan. our student love the holy father from the moment he was named holy father, so to have this unique opportunity and be on the runway with just such a small group, it is amazing and
6:49 am
humbling. >> yes. we want to let you hear a little bit of the taste of philadelphia as well as a taste of bishop shanahan high school. this is what the pope will listen to. so we want to let the kids take us away. katie, the drum major, she will finish us out to here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that little journey i hear? oh, they are just terrific. big thank to you katie, jest, jenny, sister maureen mcdermott, all 84 members of the bishop shanahan marching band and the parents who woke up early to get them there. just terrific. you'll see them this weekend, performing for the pope. just wonderful. well done, guys. love that. >> 6:50 right now. and, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says she will not resign even though her law license has been suspended. the state supreme court issued unanimous order yesterday
6:51 am
temporarily suspending her license. she remains in charge of 750 employee office, and a $93 million budget, however, now, without the ability to act as a lawyer. the state constitution requires the attorney general to be a licensed attorney. kane, a democrat, facing perjury, obstruction of justice, and other charges. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton has wide ends the lead in the race for the democratic presidential nomination. a new cnn pole shows clinton with 42%, that compared to bernie sanders, 24%. vice president biden, who still is deciding whether to run, has 20%. without biden the former secretary of state leads vermont senator by two to one margin. >> on the other side, the number of republicans running for president has now dropped to 15. wisconsin governor scott walker has pulled the plug on hits campaign. he's also urging some of his
6:52 am
rivals to end theirs, as well, so someone more competitive can challenge donald trump. trump remains the republican frontrunner with carly fiorina jumping to second place, ahead of ben carson. meantime carson is not backing down from comment that muslim should not be president. the council on american islamic relations want the rhymed neurosurgeon to quit his run for the white house. however, carson's campaign is reporting more than 100,000 new facebook likes, and strong fun raising since his comments on sunday. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz is making the rounds, last night right here on cbs-3 he made it to the late show with stephen colbert. colbert intervened, between the crowd and cruz. >> i believe in democracy, i don't think we should -- >> no, guys, guys, however you feel, he is my guest, so plant don't boo him. >> you there you go. colbert stepped in when the crowd goss restless as cruz outlined his beliefs on gay marriage.
6:53 am
of course, colbert had to ask cruz about the front runner, republican donald trump. >> look, i like donald a lot. and if you could ask him if he would possibly consider donating one p.m. to our campaign. >> i'll write that down. >> cruz one of many republicans jockeying position in the crowded gop feel. maybe can ask for that donation in person. republican frontrunner appears on the late show tonight. should be interesting. trump's support has soft ends in the last week or so, former hewett packard ceo carly fiorina has moved up to second place. >> we'll be right back. but first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:54 am
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j the world meeting of families begins today. the whole reason for pope francis' visit to philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now, he is live at the basilica of saint peter and paul with more. justin, good morning. >> good morning, by some count, some 17,000 people from across the globe can make their way to this year's world meeting of families, this year's theme is love is our mission, the family fully alive. and just behind us here, a top the basilica dome, from dusk to midnight, all week, there will be art inspired by the pope. the painting mary undo err of knotts, it will be featured alongside video of candles and praying hands, the work of artist meg, also inspired mary
6:58 am
undoerr of knotts gotto, and people can hang their struggles there, so others can untie them. and hear on the parkway, preps continue for the pontiff including heavy fencing in the area of 23rd and pennsylvania, which of course boarders the papal stage. we are live here on the parkway, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", erika? >> justin, thanks so much. of course a loft visitors in town for the worlds meeting of the families. and they have great forecast for them. >> leading to up it looks roll good, if you like warmer temperatures, you will love tomorrow. tomorrow, 74, few peaks of sun, thursday, friday, even saturday, stays dry, sunshine, clouds, little breezy on saturdayment sunday we do have to watch now. could be chance for some rain in the area, all depends on track of storm cyst testimony. so we'll keep a close watch. >> rain, no, we don't want. that will roadways looking good, busier, traveling less than posted speeds here, schuylkill eastbound at city avenue looking slow. also, another area that's been slow all morning long, even
6:59 am
starting in the 5:00 hour, 95 southbound, at girard, when you look at the wide, the censor map, traveling less than posted speeds on all of the main veins, so slow commute. >> thank, meisha a next on cbs this morning, new york cardinal timothy dolan on the pope's trip to the u.s. and the message want to send to americans. how great were those kids performing with the bands? >> so good. >> we want to get right back to them. we leave you one more performance from bishop happen hand, performing for the pope this weekend. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
it is tuesday, september 22nd, 2015. welcome to cbs "this morning." pope frances arrives today for his first visit to the united states. the commissioner bill bratton and john miller take us behind the scenes of the massive effort to keep the pope safe. >> u.n. ambassador samantha power is in studio 57. we'll ask her how putin's involvement in syria affects the war on isis. plus meet the company ceo who raised the price of a life saving drug by 5,000%. >> your world in 90 second. >> crews are installing fences, starting to shut down streets.


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